Lowest Fees Guaranteed

At Lumberjack Legal Finance, We Chop Fees.  And we guarantee our fees will always be the lowest, by at least 5%.

The State of Indiana has placed limits on what Civil Proceeding Advance Payment (CPAP) providers can charge for CPAPs.  Fees are charged one of three ways,  and limited to the following amounts:

  • Annual Fee: 36% of advanced amount
  • Annual Service Charge: 7% of advanced amount
  • Document Prep (one-time charge): $250/$500 (for CPAPs below/above $5,000)

Regardless of what the fee is called (annual fee, service charge, or document prep), money is money, and you would rather keep it than give it to us.  (We don’t blame you.) To that end, we guarantee that the combined total of our fees will be at least 5% less than the competition for a payoff in any given month.  For example, if a competitor is going to charge $400 in fees for a payoff in Month 12, we would charge no more than $380 for a payoff in that same month.  However, most of the time the savings will be much, much greater than 5%.

To qualify for the guarantee, either show us our competitor’s lower advertised fees (this will be difficult, because most won’t publicize their fees), or send us a proposed contract from our competitor, including the payment terms and disclosures page (each CPAP provider is required by law to provide precise payoff information, and it should appear on the first page of the contract).  If you qualify for financing through Lumberjack, we will issue a contract to match our guarantee. This guarantee does not apply to quotes you receive from CPAP providers who are not licensed by the State of Indiana (you would be surprised how many non-licensed companies illegally try to do business here).

We are so confident in our fee guarantee, we will give you a list of our licensed competitors (as of September 12, 2017).  Call and ask for their best fees, and we’ll beat them. 

EKFG, LLC; 450 Vine Street, Second Floor, Lexington, Kentucky
Global Financial Credit, LLC; 199 Main Street, 8th Floor, White Plains, New York
Oasis Legal Finance, LLC; 9525 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 900, Rosemont, Illinois
Plaintiff Investment Funding, LLC; 25657 Southfield Road, Southfield, Michigan
Preferred Capital Funding, LLC; 368 W Huron Street 4S, Chicago, Illinois