Lumberjack Legal Funding was founded by a trial attorney, and not a trial attorney in name only.  Chad carries a significant caseload of personal injury and wrongful death claims, and has been limiting his practice to such cases since 2009.  He grew tired of settlement advance companies taking advantage of his clients, and there was little to nothing he could do to stop it.  There was great need for a discount provider for settlement advances, and he is uniquely situated to provide those discountsLumberjack guarantees the lowest fees in Indiana

Remember, Lumberjack charges fees by the month, whereas the other guys typically charge a year in advance.

All we ask is that you shoot straight with us.  Since we are a discount provider, our margin for error is naturally slimmer than the other guys.  The more effective we are with the underwriting process, the more likely we can be the discount provider for your clients for years to come.  We all misevaluate a case from time-to-time.  That happens.  Just give us the best information you have at the time, and we’ll do our best to treat your clients well and fairly.