Lumberjack Legal Finance has its roots in the legal industry, not the financing industry.  That is, the owner of Lumberjack is a trial attorney who grew tired of the high fees his clients were incurring when they needed cash after they were injured, and figured other lawyers must be feeling the same. So he started Lumberjack. 

The sole reason Lumberjack was started was to give injured people a chance to find money at reasonable rates. At Lumberjack, We Chop Fees. 

About the owner: Chad Romey graduated from one of the top law schools in the country (University of Virginia School of Law) after receiving both his bachelors and masters in accounting from Manchester University. He first practiced corporate law in Atlanta at one of the largest law firms in the world, but has since moved back home to Indiana and has limited his practice to personal injury and wrongful death claims since 2009. 

Although Chad is a lawyer, he is not your lawyer. The services provided by Lumberjack Legal Finance are not legal services, and the protections of the client-lawyer relationship do not exist. Neither Chad nor anyone from Lumberjack will ever provide legal advice to you about your case.