How do I apply?

Fill out an online application or call us toll free at 833-LUMBERJACK.  Once your application is received, we will contact your attorney for additional information, and then your application will be reviewed. We will call you if we need additional information. 


Are you really less expensive than the other guys? 

Yes. Our rates are usually lower, but the main reason we are most cost effective for you is that we charge our fees a month at a time, while the others typically charge them a year in advance. The savings can be huge.


How long before I can get some money? 

Typically 1-2 days, but this is dependent on how quickly we can gather all the information. That is why it’s important you provide us with complete details in your application. 


What are the risks to me? 

None.* If your case does not end in a settlement or a jury verdict in your favor, then you will owe nothing back to Lumberjack. We are only paid out of the proceeds of your lawsuit. (*Of course, this does not apply to fraudulent applications.)


Does it cost to apply?

It costs you a little time, but no money.  


Why do you call yourselves Lumberjack Legal Finance?

Because We Chop Fees.