We Chop Fees

Finding money when you’re in a tight spot can be a difficult and expensive venture. We started Lumberjack Legal Finance precisely because this industry needs a low-cost alternative. We are here to fill that void, and provide the Lowest Fees Guaranteed in Indiana.

How can we afford to Chop Fees?

We understand that the fees charged for settlement advances are higher (sometimes much higher) than what you might typically pay for money. With that in mind, we strongly urge you to get a settlement advance as a last resort. Look through your couch cushions. Sell that old bike in the garage. Call a relative.
If that doesn’t work, call us.

Even though Lumberjack is more expensive than borrowing from your cousin, we are usually far cheaper than the competition. How do we do it?

1. Indiana is our only state. Lumberjack Legal Finance has a small, targeted, stream-lined operation. We only do business in Indiana, compared to the other guys that spread themselves across multiple states. A single-state company is much more efficient to run.

2. Our advertising budget is slim-to-none. Our business is generated through word-of-mouth. In fact, you likely heard about us from your lawyer as a more cost-effective option to another settlement advance company. We don’t spend a dime on expensive TV, radio, or online advertisements. Those savings are passed to you.

3. To a large degree, the owner is using personal money to run the business. Most other companies must borrow money before they can provide your settlement advance. Borrowing money isn’t free, and that additional cost is passed to you.

4. Our owner has a day job. He does not rely on the profits of Lumberjack to put food on the table or braces on the kids. Since the owner doesn’t take a salary from Lumberjack, our overhead is miniscule compared to our competition.

For a more in-depth comparison between Lumberjack and the competition, click here.